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17 June 2022


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European Commission Supports Ukrainian EU Membership


The European Commission, the executive of the EU (a 27-member cabinet of sorts), yesterday backed eventual membership for Ukraine and its smaller neighbor Moldova. The two are now candidates for admission "Ukrainians are ready to die for the European perspective," European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen said. "We want them to live with us the European dream." While it may take years to achieve admission, Ukraine has foiled one of Vladimir Putin\'s biggest war aims, preventing Ukraine from strengthening ties to the West.

President von der Leyen also said, less dramatically, "Ukraine has clearly demonstrated the country\'s aspiration and the country\'s determination to live up to European values and standards. The entire process is merits-based. It goes by the book and therefore, progress depends entirely on Ukraine."

The next step in the process for Ukraine is the EU summit on June 23-4, at which time the summiteers will likely approve moving forward with the application, bearing in mind that the conditions are not going to be easily met.

Al Jazeera\'s Dominic Kane reported from Berlie, "[If a candidate,] the Ukrainians must comply with several different criteria but the most important ones are they have to prove that they have a stable democracy, a functioning market economy and that the rule of law pertains throughout their country. And they have to sign up to accepting all parts of EU legislation and that includes joining the euro [currency] when or if they join the EU."

A stable democracy may be in place already. A functioning market economy is difficult during a war of survival. The US and UK suspended markets with rationing during WWII. Ukraine is in need of a great many things, and distribution of those by market forces may not be to the security advantage of the nation. At the same time, Ukraine does not appear interested in a command economy at all. The rule of law is one area where there still needs some improvement. Corruption remains in Ukraine, and corruptions is a violation of the rule of law by definition. President Zelensky should focus on this anyway.

In this process, one expects Ukraine to be given every benefit of every doubt. The leaders of France, Germany, Italy and Romania visited Kyiv and the Ukrainian president yesterday. Prime Minister Mario Draghi of Italy told the press, "Every day, the Ukrainian people are defending the values of democracy and liberty that are the pillars of the European project, of our project." President Macron of France said simply, "Ukraine can count on us." German Chancellor Otto Scholz stated, "belongs to the European family." If the Big 3 are for it, it will likely happen.

Naturally, Moscow was less than enthusiastic. Ukraine\'s possible EU membership "requires our heightened attention, because we are all aware of the intensification of discussions in Europe on the subject of strengthening the defence component of the EU," according to an unnamed Kremlin spokesman quoted in the Irish Times.

That, of course, makes one wonder what exactly will the Putin regime do about it all. Cutting of energy supplies to the West, reducing grain and edible oil exports and invading Ukraine to stop it by force are all non-starters because the Russians have already done them. The toolbox appears empty.

Ukraine is likely to pass the tests in the coming years, and Mr. Putin will probably live to see Ukraine take its place in the EU. For a master strategist, he has truly bungled this.

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