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23 January 2023


Cogito Ergo Non Serviam

NATO Must Send Tanks, Planes to Ukraine

NATO has dithered enough over arming Ukraine with tanks and planes. The worry that doing so would escalate the war is utter nonsense. Escalation is going to happen as soon as the weather improves and the Russian army can move. It would be best if Ukraine had the weaponry to stop Russia. All of the courage the Ukrainians have shown, their willingness to suffer, their dead and wounded will mean nothing if Moscow takes the Ukrainian army down. The only thing lacking in Ukraine is the equipment needed to win. Anything that slows that down gives Russia room to win. So, the time has come for the Biden administration in particular and NATO in general to send whatever the Ukrainians need. This would mean anything short of nuclear weapons.

Russian war strategy is simply that of mass destruction. Their approach is to create a desert and call it victory. They deliberately commit atrocities to strike fear in the hearts of the civilian populations they have invaded in the hope that their will to resist will break. This is not unique to their war in Ukraine. The Russian army from Imperial to Soviet to today has fought this way. That means they will do these things unless they can be stopped by force.

This spring, there is talk that the Russians are going to throw everything they have at Kyiv. They have learned from their mistakes last year, and they are going to get it right this time. That is complete nonsense. An army that has spent 11 months in the meat-grinder the way the Russian army has will not be better at the end of that time than at the beginning. That does not mean the Russians will not try. When they do, the Ukrainians must have the wherewithal to stop them.

For that, the Ukrainians will need more than what they have now. Until today, the weaponry sent has largely been defensive, e.g., the Patriot missile battery recently sent. They are going to need weapons that will not only stop the Russian advance but also make the Russians retreat a long way. So far, the Ukrainians have been fighting with one hand tied behind their backs, no offensive weapons.

In the opening of the film "Patton," George C. Scott says that one does not win a war by dying for one\'s country. "You win a war by making the other poor, dumb bastard die for his." To that, this journal adds, "and one makes him die on his home soil." So long as Kyiv and Liviv are threatened while Belgorod and Volgagrad are not, President Putin has no reason to back off. Kids from little towns east of Moscow are doing all the fighting and dying, but when they come home in a zinc coffin, it is a small isolated affair. If he has to evacuate the entire city of Voronezh or Kursk, the calculation will change radically.

One of the arguments that prevented the right weaponry from the Ukrainians was the worry that it would encourage Russia to widen the war. Russia has proved beyond any doubt that it cannot successfully widen the war. To do so would be to invite an exponentially larger disaster than befell the Russian army in 2022.

So, NATO needs to send tanks, armored personnel carriers, and offensive missile batteries. In addition, this journal believes a score of A-10 Warthog aircraft, the only model the US Air Force uses for close support of ground troops, would make Russia rethink its entire tacticall approach. NATO needs to accept reality. This war will not end until Ukrainian troops are killing Russian troops on Russian soil. Failure to do so will be an echo of the West\'s abandonment of Spain in the 1930s. Hilter and Mussolini could have been stopped in Madrid in 1937. Mr. Putin can be stopped now in Ukraine if NATO sends the tools Ukraine needs now.

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