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9 July 2024


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Democrats Can Quit Panicking over Biden

The last 11 or so days have been one of unbridled panic in certain portions of the Democratic Party after President Biden performed rather badly in his "debate" with Donald Trump. No fewer than 9 Congressmen have called for him to pull out and let the convention pick a nominee. The Clintonista wing of the party is well-known for its lack of sang froid, and these people are unable to hold it together again. It was a poor showing to be sure. Bad enough to require a new candidate it was not. Indeed, the polls are showing no real change in his support. One recommends that the party quit wetting itself and get on with organizing a winning campaign.

The flightiness of some in the party goes back to 2016 when they were everso sure Hilary Clinton would win her race against Mr. Trump. When she failed, they went into shock. The truth is that she lost because of the arrogance that is a standard feature with Clintonism. They did not poll Wisconsin or Michigan in the two months before the election, meaning that they were sure they had them won. In fact, they were actively trying to flip Georgia. As a result, they missed the problem they had that eventually did them in.

Mr. Biden is not the favorite here and never has been. He is a blue-collar, lunch bucket Democrat who has small dreams for the American people. He is not a great visionary, and he is not pretending to be. Yet that is what the nation needs. The choice, though, does not include a visionary. It is Mr. Biden and a man who hallucinates, which is not the same as having a vision.

The fear is that Mr. Biden cannot win. That could be the case. The idea of changing candidates may appear worthwhile at first blush, but it does not hold any water. The first problem is who? Who is going to run if not Mr. Biden. Many have turned to VP Kamala Harris, and this journal would be fine with that except she is not going to run unless Mr. Biden quits. He is not quitting.

So, who else is there who is willing to challenge a sitting president. When Ted Kennedy tried that in 1980, the scion of THE political dynasty in America lost to a Georgian peanut farmer. It was the end of his presidential ambitions. No one in the Democratic Party right now has his standing. So, it is likely any challenger will get beaten badly, and it will be remembered.

Suppose, though, that there were someone willing to take on Mr. Biden. All that has to happen is for a majority of the delegates to the convention to vote for that person. During the campaign, however, delegates are chosen who back a specific candidate. There are very few uncommitted delegates. Since Mr. Biden won those primaries, his strongest supporters are the delegates. It is not a level playing field. It was not designed to be.

But such a floor fight would make for great TV and excellent campaign material for the Republican Party. It is a bit rich running against an agent of chaos like Donald Trump if one cannot organize a rubber stamp convention. If Mr. Biden were defeated, the new nominee would be a person who could not be bothered to run in the primaries. It is essentially anti-democratic. It is a great attack line.

The long and short of it is clear. Mr. Biden is not a perfect candidate. The party could use a better candidate. There is no better candidate, however.

What is most telling is that, since the debate, Mr. Biden has not had a collapse in his support. In fact, there are some polls that show him gaining ground. Since the voters are OK with the current , maybe the wet-pants crowd can change their drawers and go register some voters.

Joe Hill said it best. "Don't mourn. Organize!"

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