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26 November 2015


Cogito Ergo Non Serviam

Latest Commentary: Volume XIV, Number 204

GOP Establishment Turns Fire on Trump -- The Republican Party establishment has finally decided to turn their guns on Donald Trump. The proto-fascist front-runner was supposed to have self-destructed by now. Their fear is that Mr. Trump might actually win the nomination and lose the general election so badly that they fail to hold the Senate as well as take back the White House. They have three months to undermine his position. The danger they face is that, if they fail in their efforts, the Republican brand will be damaged not for years but possibly for decades. [26 November]

Turks Down Russian Fighter over Syrian Border -- The event against which everyone cautioned has happened. A Russian fighter apparently violated Turkish airspace while in pursuit of those in Syria who wish to overthrow Moscow's ally, Bashir al Assad. Russian claims that its pilots were over Syria, while the Turkish government argues that the plane was hit in Turkish airspace. In either case, this is a failure of communication and coordination that should have and could have been avoided. [25 November]

Trump "Misremembers" New Jersey Muslims Cheering September 11 Murders -- Donald Trump is revealing himself to be one of the nastiest presidential candidates since George Wallace ran in 1968. Like Mr. Wallace, Mr. Trump is running on a platform of hatred and fear, and their common appeal is to the less-educated white voter who fears displacement as the world moves on. Mr. Trump's latest untruth is that he saw with his own eyes thousands of Muslims in New Jersey cheering the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center. It never happened, and Mr. Trump is either misremembering or is lying. [23 November]

Trumps Anti-Muslim, Red Bating Chatter Borders on Fascism -- Donald Trump is a shameless sideshow barker pretending to be a political candidate. That is a toxic mix because he has decided to stoke American xenophobia to garner votes. Not only does he want to build a wall along America's southern border to keep out brown people who speak Spanish, but now he also wants to crackdown on American citizens who are followers of Islam. His ideas, if his words can be described with such a noble term, border of fascism, proving him to be unworthy of serving as local dogcatcher let alone President of the United States. [19 November]

Jindal Drops out of White House Race -- Lousiana Governor Bobby Jindal withdrew from the presidential campaign yesterday. He is the third Republican to pull out, following Texan Rick Perry and Wisconsin's Scott Walker. "This is not my time. I've come to the realization that this is not my time," he told Fox News. He is right, and his withdrawal at this stage, before he gets severely embarrassed, leaves him a political future brighter than most of those against whom he had been running. Bobby Jindal isn't done yet. [18 November]

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