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7 December 2016


Cogito Ergo Non Serviam

Latest Commentary: Volume XV, Number 226

Tory Government Caves on Publishing Brexit Plan -- Just moments before a parliamentary deadline, the Her Majesty's Government accepted a Labour motion calling on HMG to publish its plans on the British departure from the European Union. However, the Tories claim to have turned the tables by adding an amendment to the motion setting a deadline for invoking Article 50 of the Brussels Treaty that will begin the departure countdown. The march of folly continues. [7 December]

Trump Grandstands over Air Force One Upgrade -- Donald Trump, president-elect of the Republic, has decided that Boeing was gouging the taxpayer with its plans to upgrade Air Force One. He didn't like the $4 billion price tag. It does look extravagant unless one looks under the hood, but Mr. Trump's followers don't care for that. The price is high, and they believe they are paying for it. For their hero to cancel the order merely endears him to them, regardless of whether it is a good idea. [6 December]

Renzi Resigns after Italians Vote Down Constitutional Reforms -- Italy's electorate has decided in a referendum that they don't want to change a constitution that has proved so awkward that it has delivered 60 governments since 1945. Campaigning for a "Si" vote was the youthful Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. With the "No" vote likely to carry the day by 15% or so, he has already resigned. The populist fools who have taken Britain out of Europe, put a failed casino owner in the White House and brought the French Fifth Republic into disrepute by not killing off the Front National at the ballot box are now running Italy into the ground. Ital-exit is not out of the question. [5 December]

Mattis Pentagon Appointment Gives Democrats Leverage -- President-Elect Donald Trump has announced that Major General James Mattis of the US Marine Corps is his choice to be Secretary of Defense. Nicknamed "Mad Dog" and "The Warrior Monk," General Mattis had been in the armed forces for more than 40 years, retiring in 2013. Unfortunately, the law says no one who has been on active duty in the last 7 years can be Secretary of Defense. This gives the Senate Democrats some leverage to extract concessions. Done correctly, the White House and Senate Republicans could be forced to compromise. The man who had The Art of the Deal written for him may be in a position to accept a deal he otherwise wouldn't. [2 December]

Voters Must Back LibDems in Richmond Park By-Election -- Today, the voters in the west London constituency of Richmond Park will cast ballots in a by-election that was triggered by the resignation of Zac Goldsmith. Tory MP Goldsmith resigned his seat after the government of Teresa May announced plans to build a third runway at Heathrow Airport, which many believe would diminish the quality of life in Richmond Park. Mr. Goldsmith is standing as an independent in the by-election. He faces Sarah Olney of the Liberal Democrats and Christian Wolmar of Labour, as well as four minor candidates. Since all of the major candidates oppose the third runway, the election shall be decided on other grounds. This journal urges the election of Ms. Olney as the first practical step in halting Britain's ridiculous departure from the EU. [1 December]

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