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 21 January 2019


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Trump Offers Non-Compromise to End Shutdown -- President Trump made a statement on TV Saturday afternoon at 4 pm Eastern Time on a three-day week-end to offer his solution to the government shutdown and immigration problem. The timing alone was enough to prove it was not a serious offer. The timing was set to take the evening news away from the anti-Trump women's marches held across the country. Not only did his offer fail to gain traction among any Democrats (who called it dead on arrival), but also it infuriated some on the anti-immigrant right as being "amnesty." Mr. Art of the Deal is still negotiating with his own side. [21 January]

Buzzfeed: Trump Suborned Perjury, Conspired, Obstructed -- The digital news site Buzzfeed is reporting today that President Trump instructed his lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. The story has two federal law enforcement officials as sources, and other media outlets are working to confirm this. If true, then the president committed no fewer than three crimes. First is suborning perjury. The perjury was intended to derail an investigation, and so, it counts as obstruction of justice. And given that he talked to other people and one of them acted on it, he is guilty of conspiracy. Nothing will come of it, though, since Mr. Trump holds about 40 Republican Senators in thrall. He may be impeached, but they aren't going to convict him. [18 January]

May Survives No-Confidence Motion by 19 Votes -- The Labour Party at last tabled a no-confidence motion against the most incompetent British government in living memory, the minority Tory government led by Theresa May. The most incompetent official opposition since Michael Foote ran the Labour Party failed to unseat the Conservatives by 19 votes. Theresa May will be Prime Minister of the UK on Brexit Day, and the conditions of that exit remain up to her. The trouble seems to be that she has no idea what to do. [17 January]

Commons Rejects May's Brexit Deal 2-1 -- The May government's agreement with the EU on London's relationship with Brussels after the UK leaves the EU went down to defeat in the House of Commons yesterday. Not only did the government lose, it lost by the largest margin in history. The ayes were 202, and the nays 432. The Labour Party tabled a motion of no confidence immediately, and the next week in British politics is going to be a nightmare. [16 January]

May Faces Brexit Defeat in Commons -- The minority Conservative government led by Prime Minister Theresa May faces a huge defeat in the House in a few hours over its Brexit deal. While she has had some success in talking Tory rebels into backing her deal, threatening no Brexit at all, the fact is that there is not majority in the House on any version of Brexit. When she loses the vote around 8 pm Greenwich Mean Time, the British political scene will redefine chaotic. With 73 days to go before the UK leaves the EU, the only options that remain after the vote will offer a choice between truly horrific and simply dreadful. [15 January]

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