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17 February 2024


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New York Fines Trump $463,000,000.00 -- The civil fraud trial of Donald J. Trump for his various business shenanigans ended yesterday when the judge issued his decision. The State of New York had asked for $370 million in disgorgement and fines. The judge gave the state $355 million from Mr. Trump and tacked on 9% interest which brought the total to $463 million. His sons owe a few million as does Allen Weiselberg, his former CFO. In addition, Mr. Trump cannot do business in New York (serve on a board, run a corporation, etc) for the next three years, and his sons are banned for two years. The truly funny part is that he does not have the cash, and he will have to start selling off properties. (17 February)

Navalny Dies in Gulag -- The Russian Prison Service announced today that Alexei Navalny, the bete noire of President Vladimir Putin died in the gulag. The official story is that he went for a walk, collapsed and did not respond to medical treatment. That is almost certain what did not happen. Yet that is irrelevant. Alexei Navalny was a murder victim. When the authorities attempted poisoning him, they failed, Twice. Then, they put him in a Siberian prison camp and let the bad food and climate do their work. In the end, there is no other way to describe this than murder. It was the inevitable end for a man unwilling to accept the crap sandwich that is life in Russia under Mr. Putin.  [16 February]

UK Enters Recession -- The British economy has entered recession. Officially, the country has had negative economic growth for two consecutive quarters. In the minds of most people, it has been a lousy economy for years. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak promised to get the economy moving again as one of his Five Pledges to the British people. The news shatters that promise into millions of pieces. Indeed, this was probably the final nail in the coffin of the Conservative Party. The next election will go to Labour, and the only real question is how big a majority will Prime Minister Keir Starmer possess.  [15 February]

Democrats Takes Santos Seat in House -- A special election Tuesday in the Third Congressional District of New York saw the seat go from the Republicans to the Democrats, cutting the right-wing majority in the House of Representatives to 4. The man who held the seat a few years ago, Tom Suozzi (a big wheel in Long Island Democratic politics) won over a maga-Republican named Mazi Pilip. The Republicans had hoped to hold the seat, but it was an uphill fight because of the stench George "The Liar" Santos left when the House expelled him for corruption. In the end, Mr. Suozzi carried the day by 8 percentage points. In doing so, Mr. Suozzi showed the Democrats how to handle the immigration issue. (13 February)

Trump Threatens NATO Allies -- Donald Trump is an odd fellow. He threatens his allies and licks the boots of his rivals. His latest blunderous statements came at a rally in South Carolina over the week-end, in which he said that he would not honor the NATO Treaty and would probably hold the coat of Mr. Putin while he attacked places like Poland and Latvia. It is impossible to over-estimate just how dangerous statements like this are. Mr. Trump is the sort of fool who could accidentally start World War III and intervene on the wrong side when he does. [11 February]

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