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2 June 2020


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Trump Has Protesters Gassed for Photo-Op -- Donald Trump gave orders yesterday for federal police to remove peaceful protesters from the area around the White House so that he could walk to St. John's Episcopal Church for a photo op. Tear gas and rubber bullets broke up the protest as Mr. Trump addressed the world in a deranged and rambling series of threats from the Rose Garden. A few minutes later, he walked across the cleared area to the church where he had a photo taken of himself holding a Bible in his right hand. The book was upside down, and the episcopal bishop was upset because no one asked her if the church could be used at all. As TV moments go, it was not as good as a Gilligan's Island repeat, and it was much more dangerous. [2 June]

American Cities Burn -- One is tired of living in historically significant times. In addition to a global pandemic and a worldwide economic slide, the cities of the United States burned over the week-end as protests against police violence grew. The authorities appeared more interested in controling territory than in addressing the legitimate grievances of the population, and this gave criminals and agents provocateurs room to loot and burn. The social contract has broken down completely in some cities, and the trust in the authorities needed for its repair is gone. The Trump administration has failed in a fashion America's adversaries could only have dreamed of when it began. [1 June]

Protesters Burn Minneapolis Police Precinct-- On Monday, four members of the Minneapolis Police Department killed George Floyd, a citizen and taxpayer, during an arrest. Three different videos show that the officers used excessive force including one kneeling on his neck as he lay handcuffed faced down on the street. The mayor condemned the actions, and the chief of police fired the four immediately. However, the District Attorney has not yet charged anyone with anything. For three nights, the city has seen civil unrest and violence. Last night, the Third Precinct where the officers were based was burned. The rioters killed no one, however. This is entirely unnecessary, but the political leadership of the city needs to arrest the officers. Let a jury decide their guilt or innocence. [29 May]

West Protests "Security" Law for Hong Kong -- The US, UK, Canada and Australia have issued a joint statement protesting the Chinese Communist government's decision to pass a law designed to reduce freedoms in Hong Kong in contravention of international agreements. The US has also threatened to revoke the special trading status that the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong has enjoyed since it was a British Crown Colony. The law has yet to pass the rubber stamp parliament in Beijing, but it appears that Hong Kong has lost a large measure, possibly all, of the autonomy it enjoyed. [28 May]

EU Proposes Huge Covid Rescue Fund -- The Covid outbreak has exposed the shortcomings of several nations. China's lack of transparency allowed the virus to spread in the early days and become a pandemic. America's healthcare system appears unable to continue as a for-profit industry without massive government support, and a segment of the American people seem unable to engage in civic responsibilities of the smallest kind. Europe is facing a challenge to its free market and coordination of policies. In an attempt to address the latter, the EU is planning to raise €750 billion on its own, rather than through national governments, and steer the money to the neediest countries. This is a radical change from previous practice and may alter the nature of the EU permanently. [27 May]

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