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11 December 2019


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House Judiciary Committee Reveals Two Impeachment Articles -- The House Judiciary Committee revealed two articles of impeachment against President Trump yesterday. This evening, the Committee will begin the mark up of the nine-page resolution containing the articles. A vote will follow tomorrow, and it is a foregone conclusion that it will be a party-line vote approving the resolution. Next week, the entire chamber will vote, again almost certainly on party lines, and the president will be impeached. A trial in the Senate will follow. The exercise will not remove the president, nor will it have much impact on the 2020 election. It is merely an objection to dreadful behavior. [11 December]

Britons Must Vote Tactically Against the Conservatives -- Thursday's election is going to be the most important one in a generation. Brexit is on the line, and this will be the last chance for the Remainers to stop it. Failing that, it is their best chance to soften the inevitable blow to the economy that will follow the British departure from the European Union. The Conservative government of Boris Johnson has negotiated a worse deal for the UK than did Theresa May, including a border in the Irish Sea that will increase tensions in Ulster. The alternative for the Tories is still a crash-out with no deal at all. Neither of these is acceptable, and it is vital that Briton's deny the Conservatives a majority. A tactical vote in every constituency against the Tories is the only sensible move. [10 December]

Washington Post Prints Afghanistan Papers -- The Washington Post printed several stories based on documents it sued the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction to have. The story is reminiscent of the Pentagon Papers published to reveal the idiocies of the Vietnam War a generation or so ago. As in that case, the US government had no idea what it was doing, spent a lot of money doing it, and in the end, accomplished nothing. Moveover, it shows that the political and military leadership misled the American people almost from the beginning. [9 December]

Bad Labour Campaign Sets up Tory Majority -- A week from today, the count in the British general election will be winding up. Unless there is a change or a major oversight in polling and election modeling, the Conservative Party led by Boris Johnson will be elected with a majority in the range of 25-35 seats. The electoral system and population concentrations favor the Tories to begin with, but Labour has run a miserable campaign and has failed to engage in an electoral pact with the other non-Tory parties. [6 December]

Speaker Pelosi Calls for Articles of Impeachment -- Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi just announced that the House would begin drafting articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. Until now, the House has been able to bring a halt to the process if it seemed to be politically appropriate. Now, the Democrats are committed; the off-ramp is in the rearview mirror. The president is not going to be removed by the Senate, but impeachment can prove useful in winning the 2020 general election. [5 December]

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