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12 December 2017


Cogito Ergo Non Serviam

Latest Commentary: Volume XVI, Number 231

Republicans Lose in Alabama Either Way -- Voters in Alabama are voting for their new US Senator today to replace Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, who left the post to become Attorney-General. The race should be a foregone conclusion with a victory for the Republican candidate in this highly conservative state. However, the GOP has nominated Judge Roy Moore, a man twice removed from the state judicial bench for failing to follow the law and who has been credibly accused of child molestation charges and sexual impropriety with teenagers. The polls are all over the place, but the result will be close. Whether they win or lose in this race, though, the Republicans will have lost on a national scale regardless of the outcome. [12 December]

Putin Announces Partial Withdrawal from Syria -- Vladimir Putin has announced that the fight against terrorism in Syria has gone so well that many of his troops can come home. Nevertheless, the Russian air force base at Hmeimim and its naval base at Tartus will stay. Despite the victory over ISIS and others, the Russians are only drawing down their troop levels. The reason is simple. The Russians want to make sure that they don't get caught flatfooted again if the Assad regime has another wobble. [11 December]

Trump Moving US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem -- When it comes to advice in international politics, the best is don't panic. The situation may be incredibly grave, but emotional reaction is not going to make things better. So, as President Trump prepares to announce that he is tearing up a lifetime of policy with regard to Israel and is moving the US embassy there to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, keeping emotions in check is vital. The truth is that this dumb move is going to get people killed but not as many as a decade ago. While it may also undermine the peace process, peace is not really that much closer than a decade ago either. [6 December]

Ulster Unionists Undermine May's Brexit Talks in Brussels -- The politicians of Northern Ireland are notorious for never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity. With the UK leaving the EU and with a desire on all sides to avoid returning to a hard border between Ulster and the Republic of Ireland, the province was put in a unique position of being allowed to stay in the customs union and remain part of the UK. Prime Minister Teresa May was in Brussels settling the Irish Question when the Democratic Unionist Party, which keeps her minority Tories in power, pulled the rug out from under her. The DUP said it could not accept "regulatory alignment" with the EU if that meant being treated different from the rest of the UK. One wants to ask whether anyone in the May government knows how to solve a problem. [5 December]

Flynn Flips on Team Trump -Friday was a rather eventful day as former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn entered a guilty plea to one count of lying to the FBI. As part of the plea deal, he has promised to cooperate fully with Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller III. For anyone who has ever watched a mafia movie, this is exactly how successful law-enforcement agents roll up crime syndicates. The authorities get something on a low-level mafioso and give him a light sentence in exchange to testifying against those higher up in the chain of command. General Flynn's deal raises one substantial question. If he was the low-level guy, just who ranks higher than the National Security Adviser? Against whom does he have testimony to give that merits the lenient treatment? [4 December]

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