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25 May 2022


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Background Checks Won't Stop Mass Shootings -- Yet another school shooting took the lives of almost two dozen people yesterday. In Uvalde, Texas, an 18-year-old who had purchased two AR-15 style guns on his birthday last week went into an elementary school and killed 19 children going to second, third and fourth grade. Three adults appear to have died protecting the kids. From the right, the victims will receive thoughts and prayers. From the left, they will get failed efforts to broaden background checks for gun purchases. These reactions merely prove that America has no desire to solve the problem of mass shootings. A real solution is a radical one few are prepared to accept: repeal of the Second Amendment, confiscation of most firearms in private hands and severe regulation of those not taken. [25 May]

Russian Diplomat Resigns over Ukraine War -- Boris Bondarev was a counselor at the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations in Geneva until yesterday. He has resigned from that position because of the shame he feels over the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He is not the first to quit, nor is his decision all that remarkable given his situation. He isn't leaving Switzerland, and he may eventually announce a defection or appeal for political asylum. However, his resignation may encourage others to do the same. This war will only end when the Russian government decides it has had enough, and his resignation may bring that realization closer. [24 May]

Australia Ousts ScoMo, Elects Albo -- Australians went to the polls on Saturday and ousted conservative Scott Morrison [ScoMo in the press] of the National Liberal Coalition. In his stead, Labor's Anthony Albanese [Albo] will lead the country. Whether he has an outright majority remains to be seen. There are a few seats yet to be decided, but Labor holds 74 seats now. A majority is 76. Even if he doesn't win a majority, support from the Greens and independents should give him a good start. The change is a big deal not just for Australia, but for the southwest Pacific, and even the world. [23 May]

Primary Cheating Claims Mean Republican Cheat Each Other -- Tuesday's primary election to decide who is going to be the Republican nominee for the US Senate from Pennsylvania has yet to be decided. Dr. Mehmet Oz, the Trump-endorsed TV guy from out-of-state, is ahead by about 1,200 votes out of 1.34 million cast. Close behind is hedge-funder Dave McCormick. The first claims of electoral cheating have already been made, including one by Mr. Trump. This undermines the Republican claims that the Democrats cheated them out of victory in the 2020 presidential election (which the Democrats did not do). After all, if these allegations are to be believed, it is Republican candidates now doing the cheating. [20 May]

BoJo Almost off the Partygate Hook -- Boris Johnson's premiership is likely to survive the "Partygate" scandal, the parties held at Number 10 Downing Street in violation of Covid restrictions. He received one fine, and the Metropolitan Police are saying there will be no more. All that remains is the Sue Grey report on the entire affair. The PM has promised it will be published in full when it is ready, and it should be ready soon. Unless her report shows the police have dropped the ball, the affair is over as far as political impact goes. His government remains snake-bit, though, and the economy this fall and winter may prove his undoing. [19 May]

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