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 18 March 2019


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China Arrested 13,000 "Terrorists" in Five Years -- The ChiCom government in Beijing claims that it has arrested over 13,000 "terrorists" in the province of Xinjiang in the last five years. In fact, it is running a system of concentration camps and forcing "re-education" on Muslims living within the borders of the PRC. Over one million Uighurs, Kazakhs and other non-Han Chinese are currently detained. The Communist Party can spin this all it wants, but in the end, the red fascism reveals itself. [18 March]

Brexit Delayed -- The House of Commons voted yet again on a new dimension of Brexit yesterday. After rejecting Prime Minister May's deal with Europe on Tuesday and rejecting a no-deal Brexit Wednesday, the House opted to delay Brexit. The 212 vote majority means that Brexit could be delayed until 30 June if MPs back her deal (the third meaningful vote) next week. Otherwise, it could be longer. Of course, the 27 members of the EU would have to agree unanimously. Many of them will want two questions answered. First, delay for how long? Second, delay to achieve what? Until the PM can answer that latter question, nothing else matters much. [15 March]

Commons Votes Against No-Deal Brexit -- The House of Commons has voted, yet again, on the future relationship of the EU and UK. This time, the no-deal Brexit option got shot down in flames. The desired outcome of only that hardest of Hard Brexiteers, no-deal would mean Britain's trade would be under WTO rules, where tariffs and delays abound. Most studies conclude the no-deal Brexit would make Britain the poorest of all the not-good options. Having rejected Ms. May's deal (twice) and no-deal (today), the House now turns to considering a delay (tomorrow). This endless folly serves only to undermine the reputation of Britain, Europe and democracy. [14 March]

May Loses Second Brexit Vote -- Theresa May was in Brussels on Monday trying to squeeze some kind of concessions out of the EU so her Brexit deal might have a shot at approval in the House of Commons. Like a previous British Prime Minister, she got off the plane waving a piece of paper declaring success. Unlike Neville Chamberlain, whose Munich deal kept the peace in Europe a few months, Ms. May's success lasted barely 24 hours. The House voted on it last night, and the government lost by 149 votes. Today, the Brexit shambles will continue as the House fails to pass legislation permitting Britain to leave the EU without a deal. And on Thursday, there is a vote to delay Brexit for a few weeks or months. It is possible all of these will fail, but one hopes for a delay. [13 March]

Pelosi "Not For" Impeachment, Unless -- Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made some news yesterday when she announced that she was not for the impeachment of President Trump. She did not say she opposed it, however, which is a different thing. What she wants to do, rather than dash headlong into an impeachment procedure that will result in acquittal in the Senate, is let the Trump administration bungle its positions so badly that the election of 2020 resolves the entire matter with the election of a Democrat. [12 March]

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