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5 May 2016


Cogito Ergo Non Serviam

Latest Commentary: Volume XV, Number 85

Trump isn't the End of the GOP -- The sudden collapse of Donald Trump's rivals for the Republican nomination for president has people on the right cringing and folks on the left elated. Some have gone so far as to say it is the end of the Republican Party. In truth, it is a significant development in the final fracturing of the Reagan coalition of interests that formed the GOP for the last 40 years. However, this doesn't represent the demise of the party quite so much as it does a rebalancing of the power among the factions. In other words, Mr. Trump's Republican Party may feel different, but in truth, the accent is merely being placed on different syllables. [5 May]

Trump KOs Cruz in Indiana, Bernie Beats Hillary Again -- Yesterday was the final day of competition for the Republican nomination for the presidency of the US while it was another pointless battle on the Democratic side. The Hoosier state gave all 57 of its delegates to Donald Trump; he carried the state as a whole and each congressional district. That was sufficient to cause Ted Cruz to suspend his campaign. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton 53% to 47%, closing the delegate gap between them by six seats. Sadly for those Feeling the Bern, says she remains ahead by about 260 in pledged delegates and by about 767 with the superdelegates added to the mix. Based on the latter count, she is 181 delegates short of the nomination. As predicted here in January, this year's general election will be a scorched-earth fight between the Trump and Clinton forces. [4 May]

Puerto Rico Misses Bond Payment -- The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, not a state in the US union, missed a bond payment yesterday. This has been on the cards for a long time. Puerto Rico is in a legal netherworld. Unlike US municipalities, its public institutions have no access to bankruptcy court. Because it is not an independent nation, the IMF can't help it. The American Congress holds the key to a solution, but politics are holding up legislation that could resolve this. [3 May]

Trump Will Make 1,237 Delegates but Can Still Lose -- The punditocracy has spent a great deal of time this spring trying to convince everyone that Donald Trump is not going to win a majority of delegates to the Republican National Convention, and therefore, he is not guaranteed to be the nominee. They have been consistently wrong on Mr. Trump's inevitability, and as this journal predicted in January, he will go to the Cleveland conclave with 1,237 or more delegates, a majority bound to vote for him on the first ballot. However, that doesn't mean he is guaranteed the nomination. He can still lose this at the convention. [2 May]

Trump's Foreign Policy Speech Was Self-Contradictory, Ignorant -- Donald Trump will be the Republican Party's nominee for president this year barring an act of God. Also barring a similar act, he will lose the general election. That is something the entire human race should celebrate. His speech yesterday on foreign policy was an embarrassment of self-contradiction and wishful thinking that could easily result in international catastrophe. For forty minutes, he spoke in inadvertent support of the thesis that he is unsuited to be president. [28 April]

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