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18 July 2019


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Trump Rally Chants "Send Her Back" -- Greenville, North Carolina, is probably a decent little town full of warm-hearted people who want the best for their neighbors. Last night at the rally Donald Trump held there, one would be hard put to see that. It was a hateful, off-brand Nuremberg rally where the president stirred up the crowd against Democratic congresswoman from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar, a citizen who came to the US at the age of 12 as a refugee from Somalia. For five minutes, he ranted against her, and the crowd responded by chanting "Send her back." It's only a matter of time before someone turns violent. [18 July]

House Condemns Trump's Racism, GOP Backs It -- The House of Representatives voted last night to condemn the racist tweets the President of the United States sent in which he said certain members of the House should go back to where they came from. This blatantly racist attack (from a man who has never hid his bigotry) offered the Republicans in the chamber to vote against America's original sin. They chose instead to support the racism that Mr Trump has brought into the White House and into their party. Whatever economic or small government conservatives remain in the party, they will now be painted with the same white nationalist brush. It is officially the party of bigotry. [17 July]

Trump's Racism Now Guides the Republican Party -- If one says racist things and engages in racist behavior, one is a racist. Donald Trump is a racist, and the evidence has been in public since the 1970s. Over the week-end, his racist dog-whistles became a fog horn as he tweeted that a few non-white, female members of Congress should go back to where they came from. That the president is a racist is not the worst of it. America has had overtly racists presidents before (Woodrow Wilson being the most recent). What is most troubling is what this bigotry is doing to the Republican Party. Someday, either through the ballot box, impeachment or simple mortality, Donald Trump will be an ex-president. His is a transitory challenge to decency. The question is whether the main party on America's political right will be a racist one. [16 July]

ICE Raids Look More Like Routine Detentions -- US Immigration and Customs Enforcement was supposed to carry out high-profile raids in several American cities yesterday to remove foreign criminals who are in the US without the correct legal papers. President Trump had scheduled the raids for June 30, but he had delayed them for two weeks to give Congress time to act on immigration. Then, he wound his base up by promising dawn raids and mass deportations. In the end, today's enforcement activities looked quite routine. It was all bad television. [15 July]

Trump Climbs Down on Census Citizenship Question -- Donald Trump and his minions wanted to add a question to next April's US census form asking respondents about their citizenship status. As their own records prove, the idea was to under-count brown and black residents to enable greater gerrymandering to the benefit of the whiter Republican electorate. The Supreme Court struck this down last week, offering a chance to allow the question if a better reason existed. Mr. Trump yesterday signed an executive order demanding all government agencies provide documentation of citizenship to the Commerce Department. He claimed he was getting the information by other means. It was a fig-leaf because it was never really about getting the information; it was about under-counting minorities through intimidation. [12 July]

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