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30 November 2023


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Kissinger Dead at 100 -- Few diplomats have the kind of impact on their world that Henry Kissinger, who passed away yesteday at the age of 100, had in the last several decades. Metternich and Talleyrand spring to mind, perhaps Molotov is in that group. Dr. Kissinger was plucked from the relative obscurity of Harvard when Richard Nixon chose him as National Security Advisor. He muscled William Rogers out of the Secretary of State job early in the Nixon administration, and he remained a key actor in US foreign policy. Many thought he was brilliant, and about as many thought he was a war criminal. The truth is that he was a practitioner of the art of diplomacy at its highest level, and his life demonstrates just how little morality has to do with the anarchic society of global relations. [30 November]

Koch Donors Back Haley -- One must hand it to the billionaire class. When they decide to waste money, they do it better than anyone. The latest episode proving this is not a rocket that can almost do what Alan Shepard did. Nor is it a submersible that can go where other subs have gone before. This time, the wealthy and foolish have decided to back Nikki Haley in her presidential bid to stop Donald Trump from being the Republican nominee for president. The ungrammatically named Americans for Prosperity Action, the stage name for the Koch family network of big dollar donors, has formally endorsed Ms. Haley. They argue, correctly, that she is a better candidate for the general election than Donald Trump. However, the race is not for the White House yet. It is for the nomination, and she has no chance at all. [29 November]

Hamas, Israel Extend Ceasefire by 2 Days -- There was no fighting in Gaza today because Hamas and the Israelis agreed to extend their 4-day ceasefire for a couple more days. At the humanitarian level, this was an unmitigated good. More hostages and prisoners get released, and supplies enter Gaza for the people there who depend on such aid. Politically, this is merely a conveniece for both sides. Hamas wants time to reorganize after the Israeli Defense Force pounded them for days on end. Israel wants to get as many hostages freed as it can before returning to fighting. So long as these goals are possible, the truce will hold. It does not look like it will last much longer, though. [28 November]

Israeli-Hamas 4-Day Ceasefire in Effect -- The awful war that has consumed Israel and Gaza and has drawn global condemnation has been suspended for the last few hours as a cease-fire went into effect. The purpose of the pause in murder is to allow hostages to be exchanged and some supplies to enter Gaza. After about 96 hours of this, the rockets and bullets will fly again. There is a mechanism that would extend the cease-fire, but one does not expect it to work for more than a day or two. The desire to continue fighting on both sides is still overwhelming. Hamas feels it score a massive success and wants more. The Israelis are still after revenge that will require a higher body count[24 November]

Anti-Immigrant Wilders Finishes First in Dutch Election -- The Dutch went to the polls yesterday in an election brought on by the collapse of the Mark Rutte, who served 13 years in office. The issue that ended his days in office was immigration. It also turned out that the same issue made up the biggest concern among Dutch voters. Many of them opted for the loud and narrow-minded (and inappropriately named) Party for Freedom (PVV by its Dutch initials). The leader of the PVV Geert Wilders has been a fixture in Dutch politics for decades, but this is the first time that his party finished with the most seats. This means that he will likely get first crack at forming a government. Worringly, some of the other parties are willing to work with him. The idea of liberal Holland is under threat. [23 November]

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