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 22 February 2019


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North Carolina to Rerun Congressional Race -- In politics, people tend to do the right thing, but more often than not, they only do so after all other options have failed. So it is in the case of North Carolina's Ninth Congressional District. After a narrow margin of victory gave the seat to Republican candidate Mark Harris and after a significant voter fraud campaign on his behalf came to light, Mr. Harris himself has called for a new election, "It's become clear to me that public confidence in the 9th District has been undermined to an extent that a new election is warranted." It did take more than three months to get to that. [22 February]

Three Tory MPs Quit Party, Another Labourite Joins IG -- Brexit has created fissures in the British body politic. Yesterday, seven MPs of the Labour Party resigned the whip and opted to sit as The Independent Group. Today, three Conservative MPs left Theresa May's party to join them. Their numbers increased with an additional Labour MP, Joan Ryan, leaving. They now have more seats than the DUP that is keeping Ms. May in power on a confidence and supply basis and are equal to the Liberal Democrats. This could be the start of a complete realignment of Britain's political parties. [20 February]

Seven MPs Quit Labour Party  -- Seven members of the Parliamentary Labour Party have left the organization. Chuka Umunna, Luciana Berger, Chris Leslie, Angela Smith, Mike Gapes, Gavin Shuker and Ann Coffey have announced they no longer are members of Labour and will sit in Commons as the Independent Group. They have left over Brexit and anti-Semitism within Labour and over Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn's leadership on those issues. This is a disaster for Labour, and it's not good news for anyone who cares about Britain. [19 February]

Trump Declares National Emergency on Southern Border -- Donald Trump's dream of building a Maginot Line along the southern border of the US to keep out all those tired, poor and hungry yearning to breath free has taken a beating. He failed to take a deal early last year that would have provided $25 billion for construction. He shut down the government in December and January to secure $5.7 billion and failed to achieve that. So, Friday, he signed a bill that gave him $1.37 billion for border security and declared a national emergency to pilfer another $6+ billion from existing projects. Nothing will get built while the courts adjudicate this, and it will take years simply to buy up the land if he were to succeed in the courts. The only thing he will achieve here is full employment for lawyers. The idea is both stupid and dangerous. [18 February]

William Weld Challenges Trump for GOP Nomination -- Donald Trump's hold on the Republican Party for the first year-and-a-half of his presidency was truly solid. As the mid-terms approached, there was a bit of wavering. After the shellacking the party took in November, there has been a sense among some Republicans that they were following Mr. Trump off a cliff. To the rescue comes former Massachusetts Governor William Weld who will challenge Mr. Trump in the primaries. He probably won't win this rear-guard action of decent conservatives, but he doesn't need to. He merely needs to wound Mr. Trump so deeply that November 2020 marks the end of Trumpism. [15 February]

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