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26 May 2023


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Oath Kepper Founder Gets 18 Years for Insurrection -- Elmer Stewart Rhodes founder the Oath Keepers as a vanity project that would allow him to live a life that was a pale imitation of the delusions going on in his head. The man has likened himself to George Washington in the coming American Revolution, and yesterday, he compared himself to Nelson Mandela, a political prisoner. The Oath Keepers is a terrorist organization that led the actual attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. When he was sentenced to 18 years in prison, the judge stated that Mr. Rhodes continued to be a threat to American democracy. If so, 18 years in custody for seditious conspricacy is inadequate. [26 May]

DeSantis Joins Presidential Race -- Florida Governor Ron DeSantis threw his hat into the ring at 6 pm last night Eastern time to be the Republican nominee for president. He did so on Twitter in a chat with the owner of that platform Elon Musk. The audio-only announcement was deliberately out of the ordinary according to the campaign. This journal takes the view that this was a dreadful decision that will do more harm than good for the governor. As a guy with weak social skills and no real name recognition outside of Florida and political addict circles, he blew a chance to let Americans get to know him. Although that may have been the whole point. [25 May]

Pro-Kyiv Forces Raid Russian Territory -- For two days, pro-Kyiv forces crossed the border from Ukraine into Russia. The Russian Defense Ministry claims it killed 70 and forced the rest to retreat back into Ukraine under heavy fire. While it is a very minor event in a war that has killed tens of thousands, the raid is significant. If the Russians have to defend the Belgorod Oblast, due north of the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, it means they will have to pull forces from the front lines. That would make an offensive in Ukraine more effective. This was a shaping attack. The offensive to push the Russians back has begun. [24 May]

Senator Tim Scott Announces White House Bid -- Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) announced his bid for the White House yesterday. The only black man in the US Senate, Mr. Scott is well-regarded in GOP circles, and most of his Democratic colleagues appear to like him. He is running a cheerful, upbeat campaign that contrasts mightily with the gloom and doom most Republicans use for their world view these days. One does not expect Mr. Scott to win any primaries against Mr. Trump, but he may do well enough to earn a spot on the Trump ticket. For now, his entry into the race makes a Trump nomination all the more likely. [23 May]

Greek Voters Give New Democracy Plurality -- Greek voters went to the polls over the weekend, and they gave the right-of-center New Democracy Party a plurality of the seats. The other parties trailed significantly. There will be a few days in which a coalition government can be cobbled together, but none of the biggest parties has any interest in making such a deal that is arithmetically sound. So, it is almost inevitable that Greeks will be going to the polls again in about a month. Because the rules will be different in the second attempt, one expects New Democracy to win an outright majority.  [22 May]

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