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21 March 2023


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Boris Johnson Publishes Partygate Defense -- Partygate is the name given to the scandal(s) that came out of Number 10 Downing Street when Boris Johnson was Prime Minister. On more than one occasion, parties at the official residence of the PM violated the Covid lock-down rules. People have been fined by the police, including Mr. Johnson. Now, he is under scrutiny from the Privileges Committee for potentially misleading the House of Commons over the matter. He will meet with the committee tomorrow, so today, he published his defense. It amounts to, "yes, I did it. But it was an accident." He is trying to avoid being ousted from the House with that defense. Something, however, has to happen because he has admitted misleading the House. [21 March]

Putin Indicted for War Crimes -- The International Criminal Court has indicted Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin for war crimes. Specifically, he is charged with illegal deportation of children. This is a nasty crime, but it is not the most severe that Mr. Putin has committed in the opinion of this journal. Starting a war of aggression, as per the Nuremberg standards, would top a list of charges that stem from that initial crime. Nevertheless, it is something. One does not expect he will ever stand trial in the Hague, but it is important to point out what he is doing. [20 March]

Macron Raises French Retirement Age by Decree -- This journal has, by and large, been supportive of Emmanuel Macron, the President of the French Republic. A competent technocrat of the center, he has done things that make perfect sense for his country. In his latest move, though, he has lost the thread. Yesterday, he raised the retirement age of French citizens to 64 from 62. That is not the problem, though. What one finds irksome is his decision to do it by decree rather than letting the National Assembly vote on it. This was a perfectly sound move constitutionally, but as a political maneuver, it undermines the credibility of the government. Fires in the Place de la Concorde and 120 arrested protesters (so far) are just the beginning one fears[17 March]

UK Chancellor Offers Budget for the Rich -- Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt announced his budget for Britain yesterday. Despite an increase in corporate taxes (from a Conservative government no less), the budget favors the rich and well-off. There is not much in the budget that is grounded in economic reality. Britain is short of workers, but the two obvious solutions are ignored. Immigration is going to be restricted, and higher salaries and wages are not government policy matters save for a minimum wage. The cap on pension saving, currently a million quid, is lifted. Not many people on minimum wage will ever have to worry about that. Free child care is a great idea, but the offer is only for 30 hours a week maximum while most full-time jobs require 40 hours a week. In the end, this budget is steady as it goes, at best.. [16 March]

Russian Fighter Jet Collides with US Drone -- Yesterday over the Black Sea in international airspace, the Russian Air Force had two fighter jets harassing a US reconnaisance drone. Thanks to aggressive and inept flying, one of the fighters clipped the propeller of the drone. One of them dropped fuel on the drone, a juvenile act that had zero impact. The Russians deny the collision took place, but the US has video from the drone showing that the American story is closer to the objective truth. This was part of the Russian strategy to force the West to drop its support of Ukraine. They have miscalculated again. At the same time, it is the kind of behavior that will draw NATO deeper into the conflict, which is not to the advantage of the aggressors in Moscow. [15 March]

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