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27 November 2020


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Supreme Court Backs Virus in "Religious Freedom" Ruling -- The new conservative majority on the US Supreme Court proved that it is an ally of the virus that is causing the current pandemic. In a 5-4 decision, it struck down New York State's size limits imposed on religious meetings. Claiming that this was a matter of "religious freedom," the court decided that any number of individuals can congregate in close quarters, indoors, without masks if their purpose in doing so is religious. The wrong decision will result in many believers meeting their maker sooner rather than later. [27 November]

Trump Pardons Flynn, More to Come -- President Trump tweeted yesterday that he had pardoned his former National Security Advisor and admitted felon Michael Flynn. General Flynn had lied to the FBI about contacts he had with Russian officials before the inauguration of President Trump. As a result, he was open to blackmail by the Russians, who knew he had lied. General Flynn admitted twice in court that he was guilty, and his sentencing was continually put off. The pardon means he is no longer considered a felon, cannot be prosecuted under federal law for his actions, but he remains open to state prosecution. This should follow swiftly. [26 November]

Justice Demands Publication of Trump Papers -- The corruption in the Trump administration is vast. The abuse of power is almost autocratic. The malfeasance approaching biblical proportions. The question for the Biden administration is just how does one dispense justice without making it look like a Trumpian revenge move? Some have suggested simply ignoring it all, but that only invites future corruption. Others have proposed a South African style Truth and Reconsiliation Commission, which would be useful, but that requires the cooperation of the perpetrators of the crimes. Far better would be for the Biden administration simply to publish all the documents and let the media do the rest.. [25 November]

Biden Chooses Pros for Foreign Policy Team -- President-Elect Joe Biden will be announcing some of his choices for his foreign policy team shortly. The names have already leaked, and the people chosen are foreign affairs experts with long histories of working in Washington. In short, they signal that the new administration is going to take multi-lateralism seriously, and it will work to undo the damage to America in the global system that the outgoing administration did. Put another way, the pros are back, and the amateurism is at an end. [23 November]

New York City Public Schools Go Completely Remote -- New York City had to end its attempt at in-person learning yesterday in its public schools. The move affects 300,000 children as another 800,000 were learning entirely by computer. The arrangement was that schools could have kids show up so long as the postivity rate remained below 3% in the city. It has crossed that threshold, and Mayor Bill De Blasio was quick to shut them. Meanwhile, bars and restaurants remain open. Yet it is only a matter of time before the entire city closes down more tightly. As New York goes, so goes the nation. [20 November]

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