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16 February 2018

Cogito Ergo Non Serviam 

Volume XVI, Number 32

Latest Commentary:

Four Senate Immigration Measures Lose Filibuster Vote -- The US Senate held an open debate yesterday on four different measures that would address immigration. All four failed to get passed the 60-vote filibuster limit. They are dead. There is no real appetite in the Senate for further discussion. The House has no intention of touching the topic this side of the November election. The extremes have combined to crush the center on this issue. [February 16]

Zuma Resigns, Ramaphosa Elected President of South Africa -- Jacob Zuma finally bowed to the inevitable and resigned as President of the Republic of South Africa. The African National Congress, which he used to lead, demanded he resign or face a vote of no confidence that he would surely lose. He spared himself, the ANC and his country that sorry spectacle, and the sense of relief that is washing over the nation is the only thing his successor Cyril Pamaphosa has going for him at the moment. One expects a short honeymoon. [February 15]

Israeli Police Recommend Indicting Prime Minister Netanyahu -- The Israeli police have recommended to the Attorney General of Israel that he indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on charges of bribery and breach of trust. The PM is defiant saying that this will come to nothing, like the other 14 investigations of his behavior before now. Currently, there are two investigations of him and his family and two more of his inner circle. His opponents are saying that it is further proof that he's crooked and needs to go. His supporters are claiming the police are trying to topple the elected head of government. The decision on an indictment is likely to take several months. Fortunately, elections must be held next year if not earlier, so Israelis can have a say in how they are governed. [February 14]

ANC Demands Zuma Quit as South African President -- The African National Congress, the Republic of South Africa's ruling party since the end of apartheid, has decided current president Jacob Zuma must go. The National Executive Committee held a marathon session to consider the situation yesterday, and late last night local time, the NEC called for the president to resign. The vote has no real constitutional standing; a vote of no confidence in the parliament would. The opposition Economic Freedom Fighters has called for one February 22, the day after the budget is to be presented. President Zuma now should go while he still has some dignity. [February 13]

North Korea Takes Diplomatic Gold, May Force Direct US Talks -- North Korea took home the gold medal in Olympic diplomacy as American Vice President Mike Pence, and Kim Yo Jong, sister of Pyongyang's dictator, both left the games in South Korea. The North's charm offensive has taken in a number of softheaded romantics (Lenin's useful idiots), and Washington's pathetic response was a tepid "get off my lawn, you darn kids" that took in no one at all. There is a potential wedge North Korea can drive between Seoul and Washington, and that can't be allowed to happen. [February 12]

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