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18 April 2019


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Barr, Mnuchin Should Face Impeachment -- The Mueller Report is set for release later today. After two years of investigation, indictments and incarcerations, the America people will finally get to see what it is all about, redacted of course by Attorney General William Barr, who has already misled the public regarding the contents of that report. Also, the House Way and Means Committe has legally requested the last six years' tax return of Donald Trump and Trump-related entities. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has refused. The behavior of both are grounds for impeachment. While the Democrats are wary of impeaching the president despite his malfeasance, they should embrace such proceedings against these two cabinet officers.  [18 April]

Rebuilding Notre Dame is an Opportunity, and a Metaphor -- When the Cathedral of Norte Dame in Paris burned a couple days ago, every friend of civilization felt a loss. Even non-Catholics, non-believers who has visited the cathedral understand how simply beautiful it is and what a feat of engineering it is. The fire destroyed much of the wooden supports for the stone structure, including all of the roof. Yet, as President Emmanuel Macron has said, the cathedral will be rebuilt. It is a huge opportunity and a metaphor. [17 April]

New York Measles Outbreak is Unforgivable -- There is an outbreak of measles in the United States, despite the CDC proclaiming that the disease had been eliminated from the US in 2000. It is not that the CDC was wrong. Measles in the US ceased to exist, but because the disease still infected people outside the US, it could come back. Thanks to anti-vaccine idiocy, the virus has traveled from abroad, and currently, the disease is infecting people in New York State. There is a clear public interest in vaccinating everyone. Just as the freedom of one's fist terminates at the end of another's nose, the freedom not to vaccinate must be limited in order to protect others. [15 April]

Assange Arrested in London, Faces US Conspiracy, Swedish Rape Charges -- Julian Assange, the man behind WikiLeaks, is under arrest in London. After hiding in the Ecuadoran embassy for 7 years, his hosts finally had had enough of him, and they invited the Metropolitan Police in to take custody of the man. He faces extradition to the US where is he wanted for conspiring with Chelsea Manning (as she is now known) to break into US government computers. The British will have the ability to hold him for a year for bail jumping. The charges of rape against him in Sweden may be revived. His supporters claim this is all punishment for his brave exposing of evil. This journal is not a supporter. One believes him to be an asset of the GRU and FSB. [12 April]

EU Gives UK Brexit Extension -- The EU summit last night granted the British a further extension for its departure from the bloc. The new Brexit Day is October 31, 2019. Halloween is rather appropriate for this trick, but not treat. The British can leave sooner if Parliament will approve the withdrawal agreement. In the end, however, this merely gives all sides more time to waste. The underlying problem remains; there is no majority in the House of Commons for any post-Brexit relationship. [11 April]

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