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17 July 2024


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Senator Menendez Guilty in Corruption Trial -- US New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez is a felon. A jury convicted him yesterday in a trial that last two months and detailed significant corruption. This is the second time the senator has faced charges like this, and the previous case appears to have been decided wrongly. Robert Menendez is crooked, and it has all finally caught up to him. He faces decades in jail, and Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called for the New Jersey senator to resign from the upper chamber. The Democrats in New Jersey have already picked Congressman Andy Kim to run for the seat this November, and Mr. Menendez is trying for re-election as an independent. The only thing the senator can salvage from this is some dignity, and that will only happen if he quit politics immediately. [17 July]

Judge Tosses Trump Stolen Documents Case -- Judge Aileen Cannon down in Florida has had not just her thumb but her whole arm on the scale in the Donald Trump stolen classified documents case. She issued a 93-page ruling this morning that said the special prosecutor was unconstitutionally appointed, despite the last 20 years' of precedent to the contrary. She may believe this helps the former, felonious president, but in fact, this gives Special Prosecutor Jack Smith all he needs to get her off the case. He can appeal to the Eleventh Circuit, which will almost certainly reverse this decision. At that point, he has enough ammo to ask for her removal. His election would render all of this irrelevant, but if he can be kept out of office, this is the case that should end his political career. [16 July]

Trump Survives Shooting -- The American political scene got even more surreal Saturday when a gunman shot Donald Trump, clipping the former president in the right ear. The shooter killed a bystander and died at the hands of Secret Service counter-snipers. The campaigns are now trying to figure out what is next, and things have been mercifully quiet for the last 36 hours. The Republican National Convention opens in Milwaukee tonight, and that period of reflection will end. The Trump campaign will set the tone it sees as most beneficial, and one expects hollow calls for unity as well as genuine calls for revenge against the anti-Trump majority. Beyond that, no one can say what the next few months hold. [15 July]

Tory Succession Headed Right -- The Conservative Party of Britain has some serious decisions to make in the very near future. Having suffered a historic drubbing at the polls last week, there is now a big question to answer: “What comes next?” Part of the problem the Tories have is that there are few survivors from the Sunak government. Several ministers and junior ministers lost their seats. So the future of the party is to be built by those who kept their seats. Based on their first decision, the election of a chairman of the 1922 Committee, which represents the backbenchers, signaled a further turn to the right. Rather than try to keep the center in sight, the Conservatives appear to be chasing the voters they lost to Reform UK. (11 July)

Democrats Can Quit Panicking over Biden -- The last 11 or so days have been one of unbridled panic in certain portions of the Democratic Party after President Biden performed rather badly in his "debate" with Donald Trump. No fewer than 9 Congressmen have called for him to pull out and let the convention pick a nominee. The Clintonista wing of the party is well-known for its lack of sang froid, and these people are unable to hold it together again. It was a poor showing to be sure. Bad enough to require a new candidate it was not. Indeed, the polls are showing no real change in his support. One recommends that the party quit wetting itself and get on with organizing a winning campaign.(3 July)

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