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22 January 2021


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UK Denies EU Ambassador Full Diplomatic Status -- The fallout from Brexit is going to continue for years, and some of it is downright funny. The Foreign Office of the UK has decided that the EU ambassador will not get the same diplomatic privileges under the Vienna Convention that are accorded ambassadors from nation-states like France and Germany. The argument is that if the EU, as an international organization, gets this status, then other bodies like the International Maritime Organization will demand the same. There are 142 nations that accord the EU ambassador the same status as a representative of a nation-state. It does seem petty of the British. At the same time, it may be a distinction without a difference, and the EU may as well move on. [22 January]

Biden Must Avoid Trap of Bipartisanship -- One of the more ridiculous ideas in American democracy is the concept of bipartisanship. Elections put representatives in office based on partisan divisions, and then, those legislators are expected to find common ground with the other side. This is a hold-over from another time when American political parties were less ideological. The idea that the majority should make concessions to the minority for their cooperation is nonsense. The minority lost the election. President Joe Biden has made a big deal out of his ability to work across the aisle, but it is already obvious that the Republicans are not interested in cooperation. [21 January]

Biden Presidency Faces Gridlock, Modest Ambitions -- At noon today, Joe Biden becomes the President of the United States. A great many feel an incredible sense of relief at his arrival in the Oval Office, while almost as many fear he will destroy their country. The fact of the matter is that the Biden years are going to be boring, any achievements will be small and most of the time, the government will be mired in gridlock. This may be a welcome change from the low comedy that went before. Nevertheless, low expectations of the Biden administration are in order. [20 January]

Trump Leaves Legacy of Failure -- The Trump presidency has little to show for the last four years. From "Build the Wall" to "Drain the Swamp," it has been long on slogans and short on achievement. It reflects Mr. Trump's real estate career and character almost perfectly. He has made the economy weaker. He has ruined America's reputation in the global system. He has shredded the fabric of civil society. He has left America sicker, poorer and dumber than when he entered office. Another four years of his imbecility would have been impossible to endure. His departure is like the passing of a hurricane. One must come out of one's shelter, assess the damage and (to the extent possible) clean up and repair everything. In all likelihood, it cannot be completely done, and it will take much longer than four years to undo it. [19 January]

Navalny Arrested on Return to Russia -- Alexei Navalny returned to Moscow from Germany yesterday, where he had been recovering from poisoning at the hands of the Russian security forces. Authorities diverted his plane from Vnukovo airport in Moscow to Sheremetyevo so his supporters would not see their man arrive. At passport control, Russian police took him into custody, and a Russian court says he can be held for 30 days while things are sorted out. The authorities are already trying to impose a suspended sentence from 2014 on him, a political conviction that smelled from the beginning. He is a brave man, but one wonders if he is playing a losing hand. [18 January]

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