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16 April 2021


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Biden Sanctions Russia, Halts Black Sea Naval Exercise -- Joe Biden spoke with Vladimir Putin by telephone earlier this week, setting the stage for a new phase in the US-Russian relationship. Gone is the obsequious Trump team, and the Biden crew want to make clear to the Kremlin that actions will have consequences now. Scarcely had the phone gone cold than the US sanctioned some 32 Russian persons and organizations. This was in retaliation for Russian interference in the US election and cyber attacks. In addition, 10 Russian intelligence officers are being expelled from the US. At the same time, the administration has canceled the Black Sea transit by 2 US Navy vessels. The carrots and the sticks are back. [16 April]

Pro-Independence Scots Benefitting from Voting System -- This journal predicted at the end of last year that the Scottish National Party would be returned to power after the May 6 elections for the Scottish Parliament. Since then, polling and the launch of a new pro-independence party (Alba led by former SNP boss Alex Salmond) suggest that there will be an over-all majority favoring independence. To understand how this will likely happen, one must understand the electoral system in Scotland. The pro-independence parties are using it to their advantage. [15 April]

US Troops Leaving Afghanistan by September 11 -- President Joe Biden announced that all US troops would be leaving Afghanistan by September 11, 2021. That happens to be the 20th anniversary of the attack on the US by Al Qaeda which was launched from terrorist training bases in Afghanistan. The decision is one that is long over-due. US Troops should never have had such a heavy footprint there, and while there is a case for keeping a small force of a couple thousand, the future security of the US depends on intelligence in the area, not military might. Spies, not troops, are what is needed. [14 April]

US Pauses Use of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine -- The US has paused its use of the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine for Covid-19. The decision is the result of six cases of blood clots that formed after the injection. More than 8 million people have had the J&J shot. The pause is to allow scientists to review the data to determine if the 6 cases were caused by the shot or whether the incidents arose independently of the vaccination. This journal believes that, even if there is a causal relationship established, the benefits heavily outweigh the risks. This pause should be short. [13 April]

Violence Returns to Northern Ireland -- Much as expected following Brexit, violence has returned to Northern Ireland. Brexit is only part of the problem, but it appears to have been the match that lit the fire. For about a week now, tires and even buses have burned in the streets of Derry, Belfast and towns in County Antrim. Children as young as 12 have been involved, and this suggests that some malevolent actors are behind the violence. This is not a spontaneous protest. Sadly, it will continue because Brexit is not going away. In addition, the sectarian divide was papered over with the Good Friday Accords; it was not eliminated. [8 April]

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