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22 June 2018


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House Fails to Pass Immigration Bills -- Further proof of the inability of the Republican Party to govern came out of the House of Representatives yesterday. With the immigration debate roiling the country, the House failed to pass a bill that would address some of the issues involved. The Republicans have 235 seats, the Democrats 193, and at present, there are 7 vacant seats. The bill brought to the floor yesterday garnered only 193 yeas against 231 nays. Some 41 Republicans voted against the bill. House leaders decided to hold off on a less radical bill until at least next week. Despite being in the majority, the Republicans can't pass a bill on immigration despite their president having made it a cornerstone of both his campaign and administration. It is gross incompetence. [June 22]

Trump Caves on Separating Asylum Families -- The Trump administration decided it has had enough of the embarrassment and political heat that came with creating detention camps for the children of people seeking asylum in the US. Yesterday, after weeks of enforcing a policy that split roughly 2,500 children (including newborns) from their parents, the president finally signed an executive order halting the practice. The disastrous policy was further exacerbated by gross incompetence in implementing the bad idea, and much of the damage cannot be undone. The good news is that Mr. Trump and his authoritarian allies have discovered the moral limits of the American people. [June 21]

May Quells Latest Tory Brexit Rebellion -- The Conservative Party is still divided over Britain's departure from the EU. The latest proof stems from the term "meaningful vote." What happens if the mandarins of Whitehall and the bureaucrats of Brussels can't come to a post-Brexit agreement by the deadline set by Article 50 of the EU Treaty? Does the House of Commons get a say? Does that potential say undermine the government's negotiating position? Prime Minister May has avoided answering such questions again by negotiating a compromise with those who want a hard-Brexit. Some day, the Tories won't be able to kick the can down the road. [June 20],

Trump's Call for a Space Force Deserves Discussion -- The president took a break from taking children hostage in his fight with reality over immigration and directed the Pentagon to establish a new branch of service, a space force. This would elevate the Air Force's Space Command to the same status as the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. This bumps up against the 1967 Outer Space Treaty from a legal perspective, and it creates a potential space race with other nations that can increase the threat to US national security. This will require an act of Congress to implement, and one hopes that the idea is given an open-minded debate. It is serious enough without partisan posturing. [June 19]

Trump Administration Splits up Asylum-Seeking Families -- The Trump administration has decided to separate children from their asylum-seeking parents. The administration blames the Democrats, but in truth, this policy stems from a policy decision by Attorney General Jeff Sessions which began on April 19. There is no law that requires this separation. It is a vicious, cruel and likely racist policy being implemented by a vicious, cruel and clearly racist administration. It is a crime against humanity, against international and American law. Some 1,995 kids have been incarcerated without charge separately from their parents. How many will now grow up to hate America? The Trump administration is creating terrorists. [June 18]

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