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16 March 2018


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Papers Say McMaster Soon Gone as National Security Adviser -- The turnover at the White House is ridiculous, with about 35% of the staff having departed either voluntarily or otherwise. Some are gone because they did not please Mr. Trump; others are gone because of personal flaws that should have kept them out in the first place. The next man to walk the plank is H.R. McMaster, the National Security Adviser. He is a dead man walking according to the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal. If the general had any self-respect, he would be resigning right about now. The Trump administration is a less an apparatus of governing than it is a chaos generator. [March 16]

West Retaliates for Russian Chemical Attack on Britain -- The UK, US, France and Germany have issued a joint statement condemning the use of chemical weapons against a Russian defector in Salisbury, Wiltshire. The four stated there was no plausible alternative explanation to Russian culpability. Moreover, Prime Minister Theresa May noted it was the "first offensive use of a nerve agent in Europe since the Second World War," while announcing the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats. It's a first step. More must follow. [March 15]

Tillerson Out, Pompeo at State, Haspel Promoted to DCIA -- President Trump gave a shake to the US foreign policy snow globe yesterday. He fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson via Twitter, proving once again the president is a classless boss. He moved Mike Pompeo from the top job at the CIA to fill Mr. Tillerson's old seat. Taking over at the CIA is Gina Haspel, promoted from Deputy Director. The chatterati have tried to uncover how this changes US foreign policy in practice but to no avail. The fact is there is no real change at all.. [March 14]

American GOP Whitewashes, UK Tories Confront Russian Aggression -- The Russian intelligence services have attacked both the US and Britain. In the case of the former, they intervened in the 2016 presidential election with the deliberate objectives of undermining the confidence of the American voters in the democratic process and of electing Donald Trump. In the case of the latter, they attacked a defector in Salisbury, Wiltshire, with a variety of Novichok, a class of nerve agent. The poisoning exposed hundreds in a pub and a restaurant to the substance. In the US, the Republican Party is working hard to cover everything up. In Britain, the Tories have given Mr. Putin until midnight to explain himself or face retaliation. They are two conservative parties divided by a common enemy. [March 13]

Tories Have Problem With Donations with Ex-Russians -- In America, the question is whether the Trump campaign, transition team and administration colluded (conspired) with agents of the Russian government. In Britain, the question is trickier. It is public knowledge that the Tories have taken £820,000 from former Russian nationals who are now British subjects. All British subjects are entitled to participate in the democratic process there. Some have called for the money to be returned. The difference between the American and British situations is that the British matter is out in the open.

US and North Korea Summit to Happen "by May" --  Last evening, a flurry of news came out of Washington regarding relations with both Koreas. The South Korean government sent its national security adviser Chung Eui-yong to the White House to brief the Trump administration on his recent visit to Pyongyang. He delivered a letter from North Korean President Kim Jong-un to US President Donald Trump suggesting a summit between the two. Mr. Trump agreed, and Mr. Chung announced the acceptance of the suggestion outside the White House. South Korea now is the mediator between North Korea and the US, and Mr. Kim is about to discover that the "Art of the Deal" works to his benefit. [March 9]

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