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26 February 2021


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US Strikes Pro-Iranian Militia in Syria -The Biden administration undertook its first military strike yesterday, hitting a base in eastern Syria used by various pro-Iranian militias. They use the base to attack targets in Iraq. Earlier this month, these militias fired rockets into Irbil, Iraq, killing a contractor working for the US government and injuring others. The strike yesterday was a single bomb that hit a cluster of buildings and killed a few militia members. The Biden administration is setting boundaries for Iran as it tries to distance itself from Iran's rival Saudi Arabia.. [26 February]

US Report Blames MBS for Khashoggi Murder -- Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi entered the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul, and operatives of the Crown Prince murdered him, dismembered the corpse and disposed of it. The US intelligence community has evidence that the "rogue operation" fabrication by the Saudi authorities is just that, a fraud. Instead, the declassified report coming out today will show that the murder had the blessing of officials at the highest level. The publication of that report marks the beginning of an attempt by the Biden administration to create distance between America and Saudi Arabia. The US will be well-served if the administration succeeds. [25 February]

No Intelligence Failure in Capitol Attack -- The Senate held a joint committee hearing yesterday looking into the January 6 armed rebellion against the United States government. The finger pointing illuminated very little, but two things did become clear. First, the FBI did have intelligence that there was going to be massive trouble and alerted the Capitol Police the night of January 5. Second, the Capitol Police intelligence report on January 3 stated that "Congress itself" would be the target of the rebels. The smokescreen that there were intelligence failures is untrue. [24 February]

US Covid Deaths Top 500,000 -- The incompetence of the previous administration was a four-year-long nightmare of ineptitude and cronyism. Nowhere was that more obvious than in the response to the virus pandemic. At first, the administration denied there was a problem. Then, the administration denied that it was necessary to act. Then, it bumbled to vaccination planning. Finally, it handed over to its successor a complete mess. As a result 500,000 Americans are dead as of yesterday. Competent handling of the outbreak could have saved 200,000 of them. [22 February]

UK Court Says Uber Drivers are Employees -- In a blow to its business model, Uber suffered a defeat in the British Supreme Court, which held that its drivers are not independent contractors. Instead, they are employees entitled to all of the benefits and protections that status affords. The ruling applies to the 25 drivers who brought the case, according to the company and not all of its 60,000 drivers. However, management will enter discussions with them, and in the end, the drivers will get the protections even if the employee status is avoided. This will upset the basis of the entire gig economy in the UK, and that is probably for the best. [19 February]

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