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24 May 2017


Cogito Ergo Non Serviam

Latest Commentary: Volume XVI, Number 99

Trump's Budget Demands Cruel Cuts, Gets Math Wrong -- The Trump administration has put out its budget proposal, and Republicans in Congress have already said it is dead on arrival. That may be, but budgets reveal the true intent of a government. When money gets put where mouths are, values and priorities become clear. The Trump administration is intent on increasing the defense capacities of a sicker, poorer, more ignorant America. Not only that, it does so with poor arithmetic. [24 May]

Suicide Bombers Kills 22 at Manchester Concert -- The latest act of barbarism occurred late last night in Manchester, England. As a concert by pop star Ariana Grande had concluded and the kids were leaving, a suicide bomber took the lives of 22 people and injuring another 59 who had done nothing worse than attend a cultural event. Of the dead, 12 were kids under 16 years of age. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria [ISIS] is claiming responsibility. One doubts ISIS actually planned and executed the murders; it's probably just taking credit for the actions of a few whom it may have inspired. That is what makes the current strategies against terror so ineffective. [23 May]

Iran Re-Elects Rouhani -- Iranians voted in their presidential elections on Friday, and they re-elected President Hassan Rouhani, a moderate on the Iranian political spectrum. His first-round victory with 57% of the vote gives him a mandate to move ahead with his opening of Iran to the outside. At the same time, however, President Trump spent the week-end in Saudi Arabia at a meeting of anti-Iranian world leaders. It may be that any olive branches offered by Mr. Rouhani will be rejected, and if so, he may be the last moderate elected for a long time. [22 May]

Conservative Party Manifesto Explains Britain's Next Government -- The Conservative Party has unveiled its election manifesto, and given the polls, the structure of the election and the ineptitude of Labour, this 88-page document will be the blueprint by which Britain is governed for the next five years. It is truly a conservative paper, and there are still Thatcherite tones to it. However, Margaret Thatcher's Britain is dead and gone, largely thanks to the Lady herself. Ms. May's conservative government will deal with the problems of this decade not those of the 1980s. [19 May]

Ex-FBI Head Mueller Named Special Prosecutor for Russiagate -- The Trump administration, or at least someone who works in it, finally did the right thing. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has appointed Robert Mueller III, former head of the FBI, as a special prosecutor to investigate Russian interference in the last presidential election. His brief allows him to look into anything related to the Russian influence operation. He is the man who transformed the FBI into an anti-terrorist agency, his term starting the week before the Al Qaeda murders of September 11. Above all, he is a man of immense integrity committed to the rule of law. No matter what he discovers, this journal is confident that his investigation will be fair and will get to the truth. [18 May]

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