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18January 2018


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Volume XVII, Number 13

Macron Sinks Special Access for UK Finance after Brexit -- Her Majesty's Government has promised that the financial sector, which makes up around 10% of the British economy, will continue to have access to the single market after the UK leaves the EU. Theresa May and the cabinet ministers have no choice but to say that. The Leave campaign promised a brighter future for Britain, but without that continued access for the City, that's in doubt. Today, French President Emmanuel Macron said point-blank that there would be no such special access unless the Brits pay for it. [January 18]

Holding Trump's Sycophants to Account -The Trump administration is difficult to describe because it is a unique phenomenon in the history of the American Republic. A willfully ignorant bigot with no real qualifications leads the world's most powerful empire. His blunders are ignored, and his lies are beyond legendary. They have become a statistic at 2,000 since his inauguration and counting. Since his base and his party, which controls both chambers in Congress, will not hold him to account, the next best option is to hold his enablers to account. Currently, the sycophants surrounding him suffer no real consequences for their actions and inactions in furtherance of his ego. Perhaps if that changes, someone will start reining in the president's worst impulses. [17 January]

Crytpo-Currencies Fall on Government Threats -- In a case of delicious financial irony, crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple dropped like rocks in the last trading session. Bitcoin was off 18% at one stage, Ethereum fell 23% and third place Ripple was down a third. The reason was the threat of government regulation, one of the things virtual currencies were created to avoid. It seems that some people don't understand that politics will always trump economics and finance if there is sufficient reason. [16 January]

Hawaii's False Alarm Should Bring Discussions -- A little after 8 am on Saturday, the cellphones all over the Hawaiian Islands lit up with a rather terrifying warning. "BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAIIAN ISLANDS. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL." The good news is that this was a mistake. Despite the anxiety and fear the warning engendered, 38 minutes later, everyone was told that there was no missile bringing nuclear death to the islands, a fairly happy ending. In the aftermath, a number of changes must come. [15 January]

Trump's Vulgar Tirade Reveals Racist Beliefs Yet Again -- Donald J. Trump is a racist, and his business dealings and political actions demonstrate it. In his latest tirade during a meeting with a handful of US Senators, he referred to Haiti and the countries of Africa as "shitholes," and he said that he didn't want immigrants from those places, preferring Norwegians. This is just one in a long line of horrors regarding his inability to accept racial equality. Given that Monday is the US holiday that commemorates the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., it's a good time to consider Mr. Trump's unsuitability for his office.  [12 January]

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